Apple HomeKit

What is Apple HomeKit?

HomeKit is an exciting home automation app by Apple.  The possibilities for its use are growing on a regular basis as more and more manufacturers of electronic and electric home appliances make their products HomeKit compatible.

What is perhaps most exciting is the possibilities for people with a disability to use this technology to lead a more independent life.

How does it work?

To use HomeKit, you need:

  • an iOS device (iPhone, iPad)
  • the free Home app (which is probably already on your device)
  • accessories which are HomeKit compatible
  • WiFi*

You may need:

  • an Apple TV (if you want to operate accessories remotely)
  • a starter hub for some product brands
  • the services of an electrician or handyman

Once you have your accessories, connect them to the Home app and specify which room they are in. Then you can:

  • turn the accessories on, off, up, down via touchscreen, using Siri or with a scan and switch method
  • set up “scenes”, e.g. an evening or morning scene with particular lights or appliances on
  • automate so that individual appliances or scenes go on or off at particular times of the day

With an Apple TV, you have the possibility of activating an appliance or scene remotely which could be useful for carers who are not with their person with a disability at all times.

What sort of accessories are there?

The list is growing constantly, although there are many more products available on the US market than there currently are in Australia.



A door fitted with a Schlage lock can be opened using the Home app
Other appliances can be plugged into the Elgato Eve



Elgato Eve Degree thermostat can be paired with an AC unit



Air Conditioners






Garage Doors


We sell Swann, Elgato, D-Link and Schlage products through our online store.  If you would like to order products using NDIS funds, contact us at or ring 07 3892 2227 to arrange a service booking. We are also available to supply, install and set up your internet, app and iOS device with your accessories, using NDIS or private funds.

*If your home does not have internet, it is possible to set up and use HomeKit.  It’s just a bit more complicated.  Contact us to discuss how we could make it work for you.