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Assistive Technology in an NDIS plan

There are two areas in a participant’s plan where they may have funding for assistive technology. The NDIA classifies assistive technology into 4 levels of complexity.  See this link for more information https://www.ndis.gov.au/providers/assistive-technology-faqs

Level 1 assistive technology

Low cost and low risk items (which the NDIS categorises as Level 1) do not need an assessment to be completed and submitted. Participants with this type of funding can and buy it themselves if they are self managed or through a registered provider if they are agency managed. This funding is claimed under Daily Adaptive Equipment (03_131_0103_1_1) line item under a participant’s CORE budget (Consumables support category).

Levels 2-4 assistive technology

Equipment categorised as Levels 2 – 4 requires an assessment to be completed, typically by an occupational therapist. Once the assessment has been submitted, an NDIS planner will determine whether it is a reasonable and necessary support for the participant. This funding is claimed under a participant’s CAPITAL budget (Assistive Technology support category).

Training in using assistive technology

We also offer group or individual training in how to set up and use your technology to achieve your goals.  You may benefit from training in using features such as speech-to-text and text-to-speech to support communication, using reminders and notifications to support memory, using planning apps to support organisational skills, using specific apps for work or hobbies. This funding is claimed under a participant’s CAPACITY BUILDING budget (Increased Social and Community Participation support category).

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