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Mac & PC Doctors is a registered NDIS provider of products and services

Mac & PC Doctors is a registered NDIS provider of assistive technology products and services.


“Mac and PC Doctors have been a fantastic provider for my NDIS participant. They have been very fast with purchasing the product and have an excellent understanding of the NDIS and portal bookings, they are very professional. I highly recommend them and will be sharing their email throughout my company for Support Coordinators to be able to access for their NDIS participants.” A, support coordinator

“I was referred to Mac & PC Doctors, which is an registered NDIS provider for assistive technology, to acquire an Apple Ipad and the communication app Proloquo2Go on behalf of my hearing-impaired brother. I liaised with Lin Rodrigo who was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful with guiding us through this process. Overall, I would highly recommend the services of Mac & PC Doctors to any NDIS participants seeking to obtain accessibility and assistive technology services.” C, brother of participant

“Just contacting you to confirm I’ve received my item in perfect condition.
Thanks again for your help with this, and I’ll be in contact soon for a further order.
I appreciate your efficient and prompt service, and am highly thrilled with your turnaround time.” D, NDIS Participant

Assistive Technology in an NDIS plan

There are two areas in a participant’s plan where they may have funding for assistive technology. The NDIA classifies assistive technology into 4 levels of complexity.  See this link for more information https://www.ndis.gov.au/participants/at/your-at-needs

Level 1 and 2 assistive technology

Low cost and low risk items (which the NDIS categorises as Level 1) do not need an assessment to be completed and submitted. Participants with this type of funding can and buy it themselves if they are self managed or through a registered provider if they are agency managed. If they are plan managed, an invoice is sent to the Plan Manager. This funding is claimed under Daily Adaptive Equipment (03_131_0103_1_1) line item under a participant’s CORE budget (Consumables support category).

Levels 3 and 4 assistive technology

Equipment categorised as Levels 3 or 4 requires an assessment to be completed, typically by an occupational therapist or speech pathologist. Once the assessment has been submitted along with a quote, an NDIS planner will determine whether it is a reasonable and necessary support for the participant. This funding is claimed under a participant’s CAPITAL budget (Assistive Technology support category). We are happy to provide quotes for submission either before or after a plan has been started.

Training in using assistive technology

We also offer group or individual training in how to set up and use your technology to achieve your goals.  You may benefit from training in using features such as speech-to-text and text-to-speech to support communication, using reminders and notifications to support memory, using planning apps to support organisational skills, using specific apps for work or hobbies. This funding is claimed under a participant’s CORE budget (Access Community, Social And Rec Activities support item).


I’m agency managed.  How does it work if I want to buy an item from you?

If the NDIA manages your plan, we can make a service booking and payment request via the portal. To do that we would need the participant’s full name, NDIS participant number, date of birth and mailing address, as well as a statement that the item is reasonable and necessary for the NDIS participant and in line with their goals. Once these steps are completed and we have received payment from the NDIA, we will order the items to be directly shipped to you.

I’m plan managed. How does it work if I want to buy an item from you?

If a plan manager manages your plan, we can send an invoice to the plan manager for the item(s) you need.  Once we have received payment from the plan manager,  we will order the items to be directly shipped to you.

I’m self managed. How does it work if I want to buy an item from you?

You can buy from us by emailing, phoning or visiting the store.  We will supply a receipt which you can then submit to the NDIA for reimbursement. Please note that the staff who manage NDIS purchases are not full time workers so please make an appointment in advance to avoid a wasted trip.

I don’t live in Queensland.  Are you registered to supply to other states?

We can supply assistive technology items to agency managed NDIS participants in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the ACT.

Which products do you sell?

The products we sell are listed here on our online store.  If something you need is not listed, you are welcome to  contact us to inquire about whether we can source it for you.  Please note that items we buy where we do not have a distributorship agreement in place may need to be marked up above recommended retail price to cover our costs.

I have approval to buy an app.  How do I do that?

We can supply you with iTunes or Google Play cards to the value of the app (or to the nearest $10).  You can then redeem the cards at the App Store or Google Play Store and download the app to your device.

Can I use Core funds to buy an iPad/laptop/phone?

The NDIA considers iPads, laptops and phones to be Level 3 assistive technology so the process described above for Level 3 and 4 Assistive Technology has to be followed. Occasionally the NDIA will allow Core funds to be used for one of these devices but that is only under instruction from an NDIS official.

How can I get a quote/service agreement/invoice from you?

Complete this form and we will reply soon. Any information you provide will be treated confidentially.  The more detail you can give us, the sooner we will be able to process your order.  Please allow 48 hours for your quote/invoice to be emailed to you since all quotes and invoices are prepared manually.

Contact us

Contact us on (07) 3892 2227 or by emailing accessibility@macandpcdoctors.com.au to request a service booking, a quote or more information.