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Can a kid make a Minecraft server?

I did! I’m 11 years old and for a long time I have wanted to create a Minecraft server because I thought it would be fun to play my favourite game with my friends, without any strangers, where we could do whatever we liked.

My friends told me that it was too hard. I listened to them and decided not to make a server.

One day I found a website called Minefold, which is great for video game server hosting if you don’t mind paying. When you create a Minefold account, you get around 50 hours of free time on your server.

When I ran out of free time, I asked my parents if I could pay to keep my server, but since I only get $20 pocket money a month, I wouldn’t have much money left over for other things I wanted.

My dad thought that we might as well give it a try, to see how hard it would be to make one ourselves.
We used this guide to help us create the server:

1. First you have to download the server software here.

2. Then create a new folder and place the server software (Minecraft_Server.exe) in the folder.

3. If you don’t have a static IP address, you need to set up a dynamic DNS so friends can access your server with a domain that can find your server when the IP address changes. Your router may support services like, or which offer this.

4. Now you have to port forward your router (if you have one).

5. Now open your folder that has Minecraft_Server.exe inside and double click the .exe file.  Once this is opened, it will bring up a window which shows the progress of the server’s construction. The process is automatic. Other program files will also automatically be added to the folder.

6. Now your server is ready! Give your friends your external IP address so they can type it into Minecraft and play on your server. It is possible to set up ‘whitelist’ on your server, which lets only listed players onto your server, so only your friends can play.

My new server was working fine, but we found an even easier way to set up a server which was a website called YAMS (“Yet Another Minecraft Server”). We ended up choosing YAMS because it starts our server automatically and fixes the firewall. It can also set up port forwarding depending on what type of modem you have, but we had to do ours manually. If you use YAMS you still need to do step 3 above.

My friends and I decided that we would make a Minecraft adventure map of “The Hobbit”. An adventure map is a game within Minecraft where you are assigned a task to complete, and go through various challenges to complete this task. We chose “The Hobbit” because all of us are big fans of J.R.R Tolkien’s books, and thought it would be great to use our imaginations to create the next two parts of the story, which have not become films yet.

Now all my friends have figured out how to get onto my server, we talk on Skype together while we play, and we are having lots of fun.  Here’s my Minecraft avatar on my server.


5 thoughts on “Can a kid make a Minecraft server?

  1. Wow,
    We love Minecraft at our house. I always knew you were clever.

  2. This is a great story. Thanks for sharing. I run a Minecraft server from home too. I built my own computer and put it inside a Minecraft Chest that I built too. So I know how difficult it can be to figure out IP addresses, port forwarding and other server related problems.

    Mostly, I’m impressed that you’re using the server to build Middle Earth. Tolkien is very cool and it’s great that you’re using his writing as your inspiration.

    With your server, think about how to improve your security (white lists) and get into the habit of making regular backups (and store them away from your computer, like on a portable hard drive). Running a server well means also preventing problems before they happen.

    Congrats and well done on the server!

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  4. Hi clever kid. My son really wants to do make his own server too. We live in Australia but Elliot of course uses Skype. Could he join your server and see your work? And maybe I could pay you to help him create his own. Cheers Helen. BTW he is cool and smart. Has tried to do this before from YouTube but no joy.

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