7 Apps Your Small Business Needs This EOFY.

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#1 Expensify 

Expensify allows you to track your mileage, receipts and time to allow you to easily produce expense reports

Expensify’s features include:

  • Accounting integrations including Quickbooks and Xero
  • Reimbursement options for employees
  • Credit card upload
  • Corporate card options
  • Next day direct deposits
  • Time and mileage tracker
  • Receipt capture
  • Global currency converter
  • Production and distribution of expense reports
  • And more

Read more about Expensify here!


#2 QuickBooks 

Quickbooks is an app that will help your small business, especially around EOFY time.

Quickbooks is a ‘smarter’ business tool that allows you to control all of your small business’s financial operations from one application. Sync Quickbooks to your bank account to ensure your files are always up to date which will help you get more organised and allow you to track every dollar that comes in and out of your business.

Quickbooks will allow you to control everything listed below all in one place:

  • Invoicing
  • Payroll
  • Tax
  • GST
  • Payments
  • Reports
  • Automatic calculations
  • Timesheets
  • And more

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#3 Slack 

The next app that your small business needs is Slack.

Slack is a collaboration hub that will offer your employees a space to share documents, videos, images, feedback and face to face communication.

Slack can connect to over 1,000 other applications including Dropbox and Google Drive to bring all of your files together in one, easy to access place.

Slack also has security features so you can ensure your work is kept safe and private.

Read more about this app here!


#4 FreshBooks

FreshBooks is an iOS application that will help you get all your small business’s financial matters organised.

This app allows you to produce and personalise all your invoices and allows you to set up automatic billing. You can access this app from any of your devices as well as giving you the ability to accept payment methods from your mobile devices.

Track all of the following on one easy to use app:

  • time/payroll
  • expenses
  • reporting
  • estimates
  • invoicing
  • projects
  • payments
  • and more

Click here to read more about this app that will help your small business this EOFY.


#5 Evernote

EVERNOTE is an iOS application that will help your small business get organised.

EVERNOTE allows you to:

  • take notes
  •  make checklists
  • save online documents
  •  sync all your documents across all of your electronic devices
  •  collaborate and share your work with others in your workplace
  • create agendas and memos
  •  develops projects and share them with others
  •  plan events
  •  use your device’s camera to digitalise and scan – handwritten notes, business cards and other paper documents
  •  takes notes in a variety of formats including text, sketches, video, PDF, audio, web clippings and more
  •  annotate documents during meetings
  •  clip and highlight articles from research into your notes
  •  add a passcode lock to ensure security
  •  and more…

Click here to read more about this app and download it now to stay organised this financial year in your small business.


#6 Spark 

Are you finding that your business email is getting out of hand? Then Spark is the app for you!

Spark automatically organises your mailbox into three seperate inboxes – newsletter, personal and notifications. Along with these inboxes, comes options for you to further sort your emails with:

  • follow up reminders
  • built-in calendar
  • quick replies option
  • smart searches
  • send email later option
  • powerful integrations

Along with these features, Spark also offers collaborative options for you and your team to create, discuss and share emails.

Read more now.



This app offers users a revolutionary way to start making their most used apps work together.
IFTTT connects over 600 apps available on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch including Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, Google Drive, Philips Hue and more to make your everyday habits trackable and maintainable.

Use IFTTT’s curated Applets to assist in maximising the effectiveness of technology in your work place.

Read more  about this revolutionary app and download it now from the App Store.

Autism Awareness Month

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As April comes to an end, so does Autism Awareness Month marked from Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd.
This month aims to bring focus to the thousands of people who receive an autism diagnosis every year as well as raise awareness and acceptance for autism.
However, even though there are just a few days left in April and therefore Autism Awareness Month, we at Mac & PC Doctors have correlated some standout articles and events that a worth your time.
In light of this month, Autism Parenting Magazine released an incredibly comprehensive list of around 100 apps to download on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. These apps assist those who are on the spectrum with educating themselves on autism as well as improving their ability to learn with engaging games.
Check out this list here:
Queensland association ‘Go Blue for Autism’ has again partnered with Warner Bros. Movie World to offer early access to the park for guests with Autism Spectrum Disorder on Sunday 29th of April. Guests with ASD will receive free entry to the park from 8:30 am. See below to read more about this event.
If you want to purchase some merchandise like water bottles, keep cups, t-shirts and more to show your support for ‘Go Blue for Autism’ head to:
If you are concerned about your child or would like a bit more clarity surrounding autism, head to Autism Awareness Australia.

Protect Private Photos From Leaking Online

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Protect private photos


1. Protect private photos from the spiteful ex.

Your in a loving and happy relationship, you may have a collection of naughty pictures that you’ve shared with your partner. What happens though if the relationship turns sour and you break up, ending on bad terms? Your now former partner might decide to post some of the pictures online in an act of revenge. What to do? Google recently announced that they will be accepting requests from people who want “revenge porn” deleted from their search results. While Google cannot delete the website where the pictures are posted they can make the page harder to find in their search results.


2. Beware the syncing surprise.

You might have taken pictures on your iPhone but if you allow a synched photo steam they will end up on all your devices. The next thing you know your private photo is being displayed to friends, family and colleagues as it features on your Mac screen saver or on your Apple TV.

To turn off photo syncing and protect private photos from being shared across devices go to Settings > iCloud > Photos > then turn off photo stream.


3. Guard against the Snapchat screenshot

Sometimes in order to protect private photos from leaking online you should assume that any picture could make it on to the web. This is especially true for Snapchat users. The social media platform is used by many to take rude or naughty pictures and then send them to close friends or lovers. Many people think they are safe because the pictures delete after a few seconds. However the phones ability to take screenshots means that no picture is truly gone.


4. Secure your phone in case it gets lost or stolen

strong passcode is mandatory if you want protect private photos. In the event you lose your phone or it gets stolen then this is the first roadblock thieves will come up against. It is also important to have the Find My iPhone or iPad app enabled. The app will allow you to message, lock or wipe your device.


5. Get proactive with privacy tools

There are a range of apps available that will allow you to keep a vault of private photos stored on your chosen apple device. Use these apps and the other tips suggested above to keep your private photos safe!

Apple Flyover – what is it and how do I use it?

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Apple Flyover Big Ben

Apple Flyover, perhaps it’s a feature you’ve heard of but haven’t checked out yet? Today we’ll explain what it is exactly and how you can use it on your Mac.


What is Apple Flyover?

Apple Maps has a great feature called Flyover that gives you a realistic and accurate 3D birds eye view of an area. It’s an informative tool if you’re trying to get your bearings in a new city. For example you may be travelling to Europe soon and want to scope out the major landmarks in Paris and their proximity to one another. Otherwise it can be just a fun feature to play with!

The downside is that Apple Flyover is not available in every city. The good news though is that Apple has been increasingly adding Flyover destinations since it launched the Apple maps feature almost 3 years ago. These destinations include both cities and landmarks in Australia, the United States, Canada, France, Germany Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugual, South Africa and Spain to name but a few. In fact there are now 141 destinations for Apple Flyover that you check out. To view the entire list see this official page.


How do I use Apple Flyover?

Here’s how to use the feature on your Mac:

1. Click on the Apple Maps icon in your Launchpad (you need to be operating OS X Mavericks or higher).

2. Type the name of the location you want to ‘Flyover’, for example Sydney, Australia and press enter.

3. Once Maps finds the location zoom in closer.

4. Click on satellite in the top right hand corner of maps.

5. A ‘start’ button should appear at the bottom of the map allowing you to begin your flyover tour.

Once the feature starts you can pan left and right as well as zoom in and out using your Mac’s trackpad or a mouse.

In some flyover locations, for example London, you will see attractions like Big Ben and the London Eye are animated when you find them on the map. Big Ben will show the real time while the London Eye will spin.

Since its launch Apple has continued to improve the accuracy, features and quality of Apple Maps and added new locations to its Flyover feature. There were rumours earlier in the year that Apple had leased mini-vans with cameras installed on top that were seen in a number of U.S. cities. Could Apple be collecting street-level pictures to compete with Google Maps?

The Top Apps of 2014

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Here is the definitive list, drum roll please… the Top Apps of 2014 for iPhone and iPad.


Top Free iPhone Apps


The number one free iPhone App was Facebook Messenger. This is despite concerns around privacy and users expressing frustration that Facebook had removed the message function from their main app. It appears that social media continues to be as popular as ever with related apps dominating the list.

  1. Facebook Messenger
  2. Snapchat
  3. YouTube
  4. Facebook
  5. Instagram
  6. Pandora Radio
  7. Google Maps
  8. Flipagram
  9. Spotify Music
  10. 2048


Top Paid iPhone Apps


Heads Up! A word guessing game in the mould of celebrity head finished as 2014’s most popular paid iPhone app. It’s a regular feature on Ellen De Generes’ show. Games made up the majority of the paid apps list.

  1. Heads Up!
  2. Minecraft – Pocket Edition
  3. Afterlight
  4. Plague Inc.
  5. Sleep Cycle alarm clock
  6. Facetune
  7. Cut the Rope 2
  8. Bloons TD 5
  9. A Dark Room
  10. 7 Minute Workout Challenge


Top Free iPad Apps


With the bigger screen is it any surprise that You Tube and Netflix secured number one and number two spots on the iPad most popular free app list?

  1. YouTube
  2. Netflix
  3. Calculator for iPad Free
  4. Skype for iPad
  5. Microsoft Word
  6. Facebook Messenger
  7. Facebook
  8. Candy Crush Saga
  9. Chrome
  10. Clash of Clans


Top Paid iPad Apps


Similar to the top free iPhone apps, games were the big hit when it came to buying iPad apps in 2014. Minecraft – Pocket Edition topped the list and has a four and half star rating from 37,000 reviews.

  1. Minecraft – Pocket Edition
  2. Cut the Rope 2
  3. Heads Up!
  4. The Room Two
  5. Survivalcraft
  6. Notability
  7. Terraria
  8. Plants vs. Zombies HD
  9. Hide N Seek : Mini Game With Worldwide Multiplayer
  10. Card Wars – Adventure Time


What has been your favourite app of 2014? Is there a new one that you have discovered? Perhaps there’s one you can’t live without? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


Source: Mac Rumours