Autism Awareness Month

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As April comes to an end, so does Autism Awareness Month marked from Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd.
This month aims to bring focus to the thousands of people who receive an autism diagnosis every year as well as raise awareness and acceptance for autism.
However, even though there are just a few days left in April and therefore Autism Awareness Month, we at Mac & PC Doctors have correlated some standout articles and events that a worth your time.
In light of this month, Autism Parenting Magazine released an incredibly comprehensive list of around 100 apps to download on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. These apps assist those who are on the spectrum with educating themselves on autism as well as improving their ability to learn with engaging games.
Check out this list here:
Queensland association ‘Go Blue for Autism’ has again partnered with Warner Bros. Movie World to offer early access to the park for guests with Autism Spectrum Disorder on Sunday 29th of April. Guests with ASD will receive free entry to the park from 8:30 am. See below to read more about this event.
If you want to purchase some merchandise like water bottles, keep cups, t-shirts and more to show your support for ‘Go Blue for Autism’ head to:
If you are concerned about your child or would like a bit more clarity surrounding autism, head to Autism Awareness Australia.

What is Apple TV?

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What is Apple TV?

Simply put, Apple TV is a digital media player. Apple TV is a small device that uses a cable to connect to your television.

You can use Apple TV to steam movies, TV shows, news, sport, music, photos and other files from your Apple device to any high-definition TV with HDMI.

As well as being able to access your personal media through iTunes you can access content from MLB.TV,, NHL GameCenter, Australian Cricket, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and a host of other channels.

Like your other Apple devices, Apple TV is easy to set up and use.

Apple TV works with all your other Apple devices. Your Apple TV will pick up your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Mac if it is in range. You can also use a PC running iTunes to stream content from your library on to your TV. Once your Apple TV is setup you can login to your Apple account to access any content previously purchased through iTunes. Unfortunately you cannot access any content that is saved outside of your iTunes library.

Apple TV is great for sharing things like photos, home videos or custom playlists. So rather than have lots of people cramming around an iPhone to see your holiday snaps, Apple TV allows you to see them all on the big screen. To get Apple TV working you will have to be connected to your home wifi network.

AppleTV has many great features here are just 3:

  • Apple TV has Family Sharing. This makes it easier for the whole family to share content
  • Apple TV is great to use with AirPlay. AirPlay allows you to mirror what is on your device and see a duplicate image on your TV screen. This makes it great for playing games, displaying emails, text messages or showing presentations.
  • By downloading an Apple TV remote app you can also control Apple TV through your iPhone or iPad. This is most helpful when searching for content. Rather than navigating the keyboard on the TV with your remote you can simply type what you are looking for into your Apple device.

Via: Lenovo, Mac WorldAboutTech, Apple, Business Insider

Gaming on a Mac

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The age old debate concerning Mac vs PC has often come back to the fact that PCs are much better for playing games on. However as Apple uses more powerful technology in their products, their performance in this aspect is becoming increasingly better.

Games such as Borderlands 2, which has been quite recently released on the App Store, perform with almost identical frame rates to a PC with similar specs. The newest iMac models boast up to 32GB of RAM, a 3.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX GPU with 2GB of GDDR5. For those not in the know, that’s very powerful!


As well as these incredible new specs games are becoming much easier to buy on OSX through the Steam Store and the App Store. The App Store is now offering games such as Call of Duty and Borderlands 2 as was mentioned earlier. These games have no problem performing just as well as they do on a PC with similar specs.

The Steam Store also offers a wide range of games such Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Awesomenauts and Call of Duty. They also offer a wide range of Free to Play games. One of these is Team Fortress 2 which was the first Steam game to offer play between Mac and PC.


So if you have a Mac you can still play with your PC friends. Cross platform play is becoming more and more popular in the video game industry and is being used in more and more Mac games. With these more powerful machines and larger array of games to be played, there really is no better time to be playing games on Apple computers.

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