My phone got wet! What will I do?

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Liquid damage is something we see come through the store incredibly often. It can cause extremely widespread damage throughout a device, sometimes ending its life.

What to do if your phone gets wet
What can you do if your phone gets wet?

But should the worst happen, with a couple of easy steps, you can try to stop the damage from spreading.

  1. The first most obvious step is to remove it from the source of liquid. If it is sitting in a pool of water be sure to move it to a dry area to begin trying to save the device.
  2. Allow the liquid to drain from anywhere that it can. If it’s a phone, try standing it up and leaning it against something so that the liquid can hopefully drain from the bottom. If it’s a laptop, try laying a towel on the side of a table, placing the laptop keyboard down onto the towel and letting the screen hang off the edge. This will allow the liquid to drain out through the keyboard and away from the main components.
  3. If you are able to, set up a small fan to blow air onto the device. You can use things like a hair dryer to try to evaporate the liquid, but extended heat on the device can cause issues, so be sure to not use it for too long.
  4. Leave the device be. It can be tempting to start up the device to check if it’s working, but starting up the device while it is still wet can cause it to short out. To be safe, if it’s best to leave the device to dry out for 2-4 days.
  5. After that time has passed, see if the device works. If the unit does boot up, then you may be in luck. However, even if the device is working now, liquid damage can present issues later down the track. Corrosion on the internal components can mean that the device may stop working weeks or months down the track. Be sure that your data is backed up, because it could die at any time.
  6. Lastly, get the machine looked at. If you bring the machine to us for diagnosis, we can assess if liquid has damaged your machine and if so, how badly. We are able to provide an in depth diagnosis and even an insurance report if you’re looking to claim with your home and contents insurance. Unfortunately, liquid damage does void most warranties, but diagnosis fees are often reimbursed by your insurance company.

Liquid and your electronic devices are definitely not friends. The best thing to do is to prevent liquid damage before it happens. Keep liquids away from your machines, or use a bottle with a seal if you need some water nearby.

But if your devices do come in contact with liquid, remember these steps, and you can hopefully save their lives.

What you need to know about Apple repair 

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1. Warranty

All new Apple devices have a one year warranty which covers any hardware fault.  Software issues and accidental damage are not covered.  If you have home contents insurance, some incidents of accidental damage may be covered. Australian Consumer Law also applies.

2. AppleCare and AppleCare+

Apple offers extended warranty plans for all devices.  These plans vary in length and price depending on the device.  They include expert telephone technical support, additional hardware service options, software support.  Some plans also cover accidental damage although an excess may be required.  AppleCare products need to be purchased within 60 days of purchasing your new device.  Talk to our staff about the AppleCare options available for your new device.

3. In warranty repairs

You can take your device to any Authorised Service Provider.  It doesn’t have to go to the Apple Retail Store.  Our technicians are required to have the same certifications as those who work at the Apple Store, we run the same diagnosis tools and access the same source for parts and replacements. The good things about many ASP locations like us is that we don’t need you to make an appointment and you are supporting local, Australian, family owned businesses.

4. Out of warranty repairs

We are able to diagnose your problem using the same diagnostic tools mentioned above and can access genuine Apple parts for your repair.  These are usually ordered from Sydney.

5. Extra services

In addition to Apple repair, we are also able to offer storage and memory upgrades, health checks and virus removal.

Protect Private Photos From Leaking Online

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Protect private photos


1. Protect private photos from the spiteful ex.

Your in a loving and happy relationship, you may have a collection of naughty pictures that you’ve shared with your partner. What happens though if the relationship turns sour and you break up, ending on bad terms? Your now former partner might decide to post some of the pictures online in an act of revenge. What to do? Google recently announced that they will be accepting requests from people who want “revenge porn” deleted from their search results. While Google cannot delete the website where the pictures are posted they can make the page harder to find in their search results.


2. Beware the syncing surprise.

You might have taken pictures on your iPhone but if you allow a synched photo steam they will end up on all your devices. The next thing you know your private photo is being displayed to friends, family and colleagues as it features on your Mac screen saver or on your Apple TV.

To turn off photo syncing and protect private photos from being shared across devices go to Settings > iCloud > Photos > then turn off photo stream.


3. Guard against the Snapchat screenshot

Sometimes in order to protect private photos from leaking online you should assume that any picture could make it on to the web. This is especially true for Snapchat users. The social media platform is used by many to take rude or naughty pictures and then send them to close friends or lovers. Many people think they are safe because the pictures delete after a few seconds. However the phones ability to take screenshots means that no picture is truly gone.


4. Secure your phone in case it gets lost or stolen

strong passcode is mandatory if you want protect private photos. In the event you lose your phone or it gets stolen then this is the first roadblock thieves will come up against. It is also important to have the Find My iPhone or iPad app enabled. The app will allow you to message, lock or wipe your device.


5. Get proactive with privacy tools

There are a range of apps available that will allow you to keep a vault of private photos stored on your chosen apple device. Use these apps and the other tips suggested above to keep your private photos safe!

iPad Time-Saving Tips

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iPad time-saving tips

7 iPad Time-Saving Tips and Hidden Features


1. Forget About Scrolling.

Here’s one of our favourite iPad time-saving tips. If you get to the end of a long web page and need to get to the top of the page again, you don’t need to scroll up. Tap the title bar of the web page to get back to the beginning. This can also work with apps. The website or app must be iPad-friend though for this trick to work.


2. Forget The Apostrophe.

Another one of our iPad time-saving tips. When writing on your iPad there is no need to type an apostrophe. Auto Correct will do this for you. So for example if you write “cant” your iPad will automatically correct this to “can’t.”


3. Access The Hidden Control Panel.

You don’t need to go into your Music app to pause or play a song. These controls can be accessed in your iPad’s control panel. Slide your fingers up from the bottom of the screen. The control panel will appear and allow you to change your music. You will also be access things like AirDrop, adjust brightness, turn on aeroplane mode, lock the screen rotation and access the camera.


4. Use The iPad’s Spotlight Search Tool.

Just like your Mac this iPad time-saving tip will eliminate the need to swipe through pages of apps to find the one you are looking for. Swipe down with your finger when you are on the Home Screen to access this tool. Spotlight searches not only apps but all documents, emails and texts on your device.


5. Get Free Books.

Did you know your iPad comes with free books? This is thanks to Project Gutenberg which makes digital books available for free. To get your hands on these free books you need to have downloaded Apple’s iBooks application that allows you to read digital downloads. In iBooks there is a section titled “Top Charts.” You are looking for the list entitled “Top Free Books.”


6. Make Use Of The Menu Dock.

Yes one of our iPad time-saving tips was to use spotlight, but what if you use an app all the time and don’t want to go searching for it? The answer lies with the iPad’s under-utilised menu dock. You can move items in and out of your menu dock as you please. The iPad allows for 6 apps to be stationed there. To move an app on the iPad in or out of the dock, hold down on the app for a few seconds until it starts to ‘shake.’ Then drag the app with your finger to your desired location.


7. Let Your iPad Do The Talking.

Promoted as an accessibility tool your iPad has the in-built capability to read text. While this tool can help people who are vision impaired, it can also be useful tool for anyone. For example you might be doing chores around the house and want a book or article read to you while you work. You can access this feature in accessibility settings.

Best Uses For The iPad

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best uses for the iPad

The 10 Best Uses For The iPad.

For those of you wondering wether or not it’s worth investing in a new iPad we’ll run through the features that will ensure you get the most out of your device.

1. Surf The Internet From Your Couch

One of the great features of iPads is its portability. It has a larger screen than a mobile and can be fired up quicker than a Mac. This makes it perfect for surfing the internet from your couch. Perhaps you’re watching TV and have forgotten the name of a particular actor. No problem, Wikipedia is at your finger tips. You can also access social media, so if you like to live Tweet TV shows you can.

2. Play Games

With each new release of the iPad comes even better graphics, making the iPad a great tool for playing games. Most new iPads come with retina display which means a higher resolution and more pixels. One of the best uses for the iPad is on a family vacation to keep the kids quiet in the back seat on those long drives!

3. Read

It’s easy to forget that the iPad with all of its features is one of the best e-readers on the market. The iPad is increasingly becoming lighter and thinner. This makes it easy to read in bed. It also allows you to read books purchased from Amazon. Not only can you read books but it’s great for newspapers and magazines. It’s intuitive touch-screen makes it feel like your reading the real thing.

4. Help Cook

The iPad can be a great aide in the kitchen. The iPad’s easy portability means you can set it up on a stand in the kitchen and follow a recipe while you cook. There are some great recipe apps from the iTunes store making it unlikely you’ll ever need to buy a cook book again. It also means that if you, a family member of friend suffers from any allergy you can quickly check whether an ingredient is safe to use.

5. Listen To Music

The iPad is a great for music. You don’t need to have lots of music downloaded to your device to take make the most of it either. You can stream music from the internet or set up radio stations and custom playlists. New iPads support bluetooth. This means you can connect your wireless headphones to your device and listen to music without disturbing anyone.

6. Snap Pictures and Shoot Videos

The iPad comes equipped with an excellent camera for taking photos and recording video. The iPad Air 2 for example has an 8 megapixel camera. This makes it comparable to most smartphone cameras. What the smartphones don’t have though is the bigger display. The larger screen will ensure you don’t miss crucial details that might be missed staring at a smaller screen.

Once you’ve taken your picture or recorded your movie then the iPad has a editing tools. You can also download a multitude of great photo-editing apps. iMovie now comes free for iPad so you don’t need to be an expert to edit your own movie either. You can even put music to your video and create movie trailers.

7. Connect The iPad To Your TV

One of the best uses for the iPad is as central device for other technology items in your home. There are apps available that will allow you to use your iPad as a home stereo remote. You can also use the AirPlay feature on the iPad to connect to Apple TV.

8. Use The iPad As A Phone

If you have an iPhone then the iPad has many of the same features. You can use iMessage to send and receive texts as well as send and receive calls. With its larger screen the iPad is great for using FaceTime. If you don’t have an iPhone then Skype can handle all the features of a phone.

9. Gain Remote Access To Your PC

There are apps on iTunes that will allow you to access your Mac remotely if you have your iPad on-hand. This allows you to download files or email documents to yourself that you might need while on the go. You don’t have to worry about your mac going to sleep. There are apps that will allow you to wake it up as well.

10. Use It For Business

The best uses for the iPad aren’t just personal. The iPad is great business tool as well. Here are some of the handy features that you might like to use:

  • The in-built camera allows you to use your iPad as a scanner.
  • Microsoft Office is available on iPad
  • You can connect a keyboard to the iPad if you don’t like to use a touchscreen keyboard
  • If you don’t like to write using a keyboard you can dictate notes
  • The iPad makes a great POS for hospitality and retail stores and allows you to accept payments
  • The iPad is a great tool for spreadsheets and presentations