Our New Location.

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Mac & PC Doctors has moved to a bigger and better location just five minutes from our previous Annerley one. This location will allow us to expand our company and be able to offer you more when it comes to technological training and MPD Accessibility offerings.
If you are wanting to come visit us, see the videos and images below that outline multiple routes.

This video shows you how to get to our new Rocklea location if you are coming from the City along Ipswich Road.


How to get to our new location if you are coming along Fairfield Road from Brisbane City.


General Directions To 7/1311 Ipswich Road, Rocklea






What you need to know about Apple repair 

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1. Warranty

All new Apple devices have a one year warranty which covers any hardware fault.  Software issues and accidental damage are not covered.  If you have home contents insurance, some incidents of accidental damage may be covered. Australian Consumer Law also applies.

2. AppleCare and AppleCare+

Apple offers extended warranty plans for all devices.  These plans vary in length and price depending on the device.  They include expert telephone technical support, additional hardware service options, software support.  Some plans also cover accidental damage although an excess may be required.  AppleCare products need to be purchased within 60 days of purchasing your new device.  Talk to our staff about the AppleCare options available for your new device.

3. In warranty repairs

You can take your device to any Authorised Service Provider.  It doesn’t have to go to the Apple Retail Store.  Our technicians are required to have the same certifications as those who work at the Apple Store, we run the same diagnosis tools and access the same source for parts and replacements. The good things about many ASP locations like us is that we don’t need you to make an appointment and you are supporting local, Australian, family owned businesses.

4. Out of warranty repairs

We are able to diagnose your problem using the same diagnostic tools mentioned above and can access genuine Apple parts for your repair.  These are usually ordered from Sydney.

5. Extra services

In addition to Apple repair, we are also able to offer storage and memory upgrades, health checks and virus removal.

Storm season is coming

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Once the days heat up and the Jacarandas are blooming, those of us living in south-east Queensland know that storm season is on its way.

Storms over Brisbane
                   Storms over Brisbane

Storms can wreak all sorts of havoc, not the least of which is with your technology. Here are some tips from us to help you protect your technology and data during storm season.

The main types of damage we see as a result of storms are:

  • components damaged by power surges and
  • devices which have got wet from rain
  1. Back up your data and photos regularly. That way if the worst happens and your computer does get fried, you won’t have lost everything. You can back up to:
    • the cloud such as  iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive.  Most of these have some free storage and fees are applicable for larger amounts of storage.
    • home network storage – such as a Synology device which has the option to synchronise to the Cloud.
    • a portable hard disk drive or Apple Airport Time Capsule.  Store this in a different location to your computer so it is not likely to be damaged by any power surge or water.
  2. Think about purchasing a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) which protects against power surges and provides battery backup during blackouts.
  3. Don’t leave your equipment near a window. This may sound a bit over the top but after the big storm last November, we had a few devices come in which had been near a window and after the window was broken by hail, the devices ended up dented and wet.
  4. Check out whether your insurance policy covers storm damage of electronic devices. Then at least you may be able to get your computer replaced or repaired at your insurer’s expense if it does get damaged.

Our last tip for summer is:

Consider purchasing a solar powered phone charger. If the power goes off and stays off, at least you can charge your phone and keep in touch with the outside world.


Jacaranda season in Brisbane is also storm season
Jacaranda season in Brisbane is also storm season

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Claim The Small Business Tax Break: Invest In New Technology

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Claim The Small Business Tax Break

Can you claim the small business tax break recently announced by the government to invest in new technology?

It was one of the headline announcements from the budget delivered by Joe Hockey last Tuesday. So what is it exactly, how does it work and can you claim it?

What is it the small business tax break?

The $20,000 small business tax break allows you to instantly write off any asset purchased up to the $20,000 threshold. There is no limit on the number of items a small business can claim. This concession applies between 7:30pm May 12, 2015 and June 30, 2017. Previously the instant asset write off was capped at $1,000 per asset purchased. This meant a small business would have to spread tax deductions from any asset purchases over a number of years. 

Who is eligible?

The $20,000 small business tax break applies to registered small businesses and sole traders. To be defined as a small business or sole trader you need to have a turnover of less than $2 million per annum. You will also need to prove that your carrying out a legitimate business. The easiest way to do this is via your quarterly Business Activity Statements or an ABN.

What’s covered?

Small business can purchase any asset involved in running their business. Items could be a computer, tv or car.

What’s not covered?

There are a few restrictions on $20,000 instant asset write off to keep in mind:

  1. Some horticultural plants and any software developed in-house by a business is not deductible (however software purchased for the business, for example Office For Mac, can be claimed).
  2. Assets must be physical items. Marketing costs for example are not an eligible deduction.
  3. For a small business to claim the tax deduction it must own the asset by purchasing it outright. So the item cannot be claimed under hire-purchase or leased. This is because the finance company owns the asset until it is paid off. You can however claim the deduction if the asset has been purchased under financing arrangements.
  4. If the item is over $20,000 it is not eligible as an instant tax write-off. Any assets purchased over $20,000 can be added together and depreciated at the same rate of 15% in the first year and 30% for every subsequent year.

What does this mean for you?

To claim the deduction your business purchases the item outright and gets the money back as a tax write-off. This has the effect of reducing your tax bill. So if your thinking of starting a business or are already operating, now is the time to act!

Mac and PC Doctors can supply new computers and accessories, provide an upgrade to your networks, new software and backup systems.

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