Apple Flyover – what is it and how do I use it?

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Apple Flyover Big Ben

Apple Flyover, perhaps it’s a feature you’ve heard of but haven’t checked out yet? Today we’ll explain what it is exactly and how you can use it on your Mac.


What is Apple Flyover?

Apple Maps has a great feature called Flyover that gives you a realistic and accurate 3D birds eye view of an area. It’s an informative tool if you’re trying to get your bearings in a new city. For example you may be travelling to Europe soon and want to scope out the major landmarks in Paris and their proximity to one another. Otherwise it can be just a fun feature to play with!

The downside is that Apple Flyover is not available in every city. The good news though is that Apple has been increasingly adding Flyover destinations since it launched the Apple maps feature almost 3 years ago. These destinations include both cities and landmarks in Australia, the United States, Canada, France, Germany Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugual, South Africa and Spain to name but a few. In fact there are now 141 destinations for Apple Flyover that you check out. To view the entire list see this official page.


How do I use Apple Flyover?

Here’s how to use the feature on your Mac:

1. Click on the Apple Maps icon in your Launchpad (you need to be operating OS X Mavericks or higher).

2. Type the name of the location you want to ‘Flyover’, for example Sydney, Australia and press enter.

3. Once Maps finds the location zoom in closer.

4. Click on satellite in the top right hand corner of maps.

5. A ‘start’ button should appear at the bottom of the map allowing you to begin your flyover tour.

Once the feature starts you can pan left and right as well as zoom in and out using your Mac’s trackpad or a mouse.

In some flyover locations, for example London, you will see attractions like Big Ben and the London Eye are animated when you find them on the map. Big Ben will show the real time while the London Eye will spin.

Since its launch Apple has continued to improve the accuracy, features and quality of Apple Maps and added new locations to its Flyover feature. There were rumours earlier in the year that Apple had leased mini-vans with cameras installed on top that were seen in a number of U.S. cities. Could Apple be collecting street-level pictures to compete with Google Maps?

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