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QuickTime For Mac – Features and Tips

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QuickTime for Mac is much more than just a video player. The app contains a collection of powerful features that most users are unaware of but are extremely useful.

Let’s take a look at some you might not be aware of:

1. Record Video and Audio

QuickTime for Mac has a built-in feature that enables you to to do 3 things:

  1. Record your own video using the Mac’s camera
  2. Record audio using the Mac’s microphone
  3. Record what you’re doing on-screen

You can even connect your iPad or iPhone and record their screens. For more information on this read our blog: How to record video on your Mac.

As you record your movie the control bar will show an approximate file size. A handy feature if you want to email the clip.

2. Rotate or Flip a Clip

QuickTime for Mac allows you to flip or rotate a clip. You might find this useful if you have shot a movie on your iPhone for example. If you find that the picture isn’t straight then you will be able to rotate the picture until it is. You can also flip the clip up or down.

3. Split and Combine Video Clips

You can split a video and combine two or more clips using QuickTime for Mac.

Firstly, to split a clip, open your video and select View > Show Clips and then drag the mouse pointer to the spot in the video you want to split. Select Edit > Split Clip.

Once you have split the clip you have a number of options:

  1. Insert another clip
  2. Rearrange the clips by dragging them into a different position
  3. Delete the clip

To then combine clips choose Edit > ‘Add Clip to End’ or ‘Insert Clip After Selection’ by choosing the appropriate file. You also have the option of dragging video clips from a Finder window.

4. Export and Share Videos

To export your video in QuickTime choose File > Export. You will then be able to:

  • Select the videos resolution
  • Export to iOS devices and Apple TV
  • Export the audio only
  • Export to your iTunes library

To share your video in QuickTime click on the share button to the right of the control panel. A handy tip: you only have the option to share the whole video or nothing at all. Also, some video files might be too big to send via email even though that sharing option is available.

5. Multi Touch Controls

Using your Mac’s trackpad gives you quicker navigation. If your video is paused then a swipe left or right will allow you to move through the videos timeline. If the movie is playing, the same action acts as a rewind or fast-forward command.

6. Pick out a particular frame

To pick out a particular frame in your movie, position your mouse pointer over the videos timeline. Hold your mouse down until lines appear on the timeline. Dragging the pointer will now be slower, allowing you to more accurately select the frame you’re after.

7. Slower Fast Forward

Hold down the Option key while you press the fast forward button to slow the rate of the fast forward button. Every time you click the fast forward button while holding down the Option key you will advance in increments of 0.1x


We always like to hear from you. Are you a regular user of QuickTime for Mac? Are there other tips or shortcuts that you can share?

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