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Education Director Jacqui Kirkman
Education Director
Jacqui Kirkman

Jacqui Kirkman is the Education Consultant and a Director at Mac and PC Doctors.  Jacqui is a qualified, practising teacher and as part of a Masters degree has researched aspects of technology use in schools.  A latecomer to technology herself, Jacqui understands the difficulties which can arise when geeks try to explain technology to non-geeks.  She therefore strives to make classes supportive and non-threatening.

Jacqui is a member of the Apple Consultants Network and offers professional development for schools and other training organisations.  She is also an Assistive Technology consultant.  Visit her website here.

Mac Educator  Mark Whybird
Mac Educator
Mark Whybird








Mark Whybird is a software geek with a warm heart who has been using Mac computers since 1985, way before it was cool. On weekdays, he is a mild-mannered senior software developer for a big company, but on selected Saturdays, you can milk him of his knowledge at Mac and PC doctors. Mark worked for four years at James Cook University, and eight years at Education Queensland, during which he also taught part-time at Griffith University. If there is ever such a thing as free time after enjoying life together with his wife and 3 fantastic kids, he can usually be found reading a good book that combines his favourite hobbies of science fiction and humour.

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