How to find good apps

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Questions about finding apps

  1. Is a free app any good? There are some great free apps in the App Store so if you come across one that sounds good, go ahead and install it. If it turns out that you don’t like it, you haven’t lost anything.3952984450_953c33c096_m
  2. Is it worth paying for apps? Often to get something of good quality, you do need to pay for it. App developers make a living by selling their creations and when they are a sole operator or small company they need to charge in order to cover their costs.  If an app is targeted at a niche market, then fewer people are likely to buy it and the developer will not recoup money quickly.  As a general rule, this is why popular apps are cheap and less commonly used apps are expensive.
  3. How can I find things in the App Store? I don’t know what to search for! If you search for something like “spelling”, you will get thousands of results. Some of these apps will not be anything like what you want.  The good ones will be hidden among the thousands and it will be like looking for a needle in a haystack! There are two ways to get better results.

Ways to find good apps

  • Do an internet search, making it as specific as you can, e.g. “best spelling apps for 7 year olds”. Refine the results in the search engine’s filter so you get recent results.  Browse through a few of the results and find some apps which other people have reviewed favourably and that sound like they fit your criteria. Remember that many apps are made for an American audience so think about whether they will suit your context.
  • Go to the App Store, scroll down to Categories, choose the category you are interested in and look at the featured apps. These categories have been curated by Apple which means that someone looks at new apps and decides whether they are worth recommending.
    Scroll down from the top of the page until you                            find the categories.

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