How to use AirDrop

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In this post we answer these four questions:


1. What is AirDrop?

2. How does AirDrop work?

3. How do you use AirDrop?

4. What do you need to access AirDrop?


What is AirDrop?


AirDrop allows users to transfer almost any file from one Apple device to another over wifi. Photos, music and movies can all be shared. In fact AirDrop will allow you to share almost anything that you would share on Facebook or Twitter. If you regularly share photos via the shared photostream, using AirDrop will mean you won’t take up storage.


How does AirDrop work?


AirDrop uses Bluetooth and Wifi to create a connection between two Apple devices. Bluetooth is used to locate another Apple device. Wifi is used to send the file you want to share. Using AirDrop is actually safer than transferring files via email. This is because using AirDrop creates a firewall around the connection created between the two devices that are sharing files.

AirDrop will detect any compatible Apple device automatically. You will also need a Wi-Fi connection. The devices that you want to share files between need to be close to one another. However as the files are shared over Wi-Fi they can be several rooms apart.


How do you use AirDrop?


How do you use Air Drop on your iPhone or iPad?

1. To access AirDrop on you iPhone or iPad you slide up the control panel that is at the bottom of your screen.

2. You will then have the option to share a file with everyone or only those in your contacts.

3. Navigate to the file you want to share. So for example if you want to share a photo, navigate to the photo app. Select the relevant picture.

4. Once you have selected the file you would like to AirDrop you need to press the share button. This is the box with the arrow that faces upwards. You will then have the option to share by AirDrop, Message, Mail etc.

5. By clicking the AirDrop icon you then need to locate and select the device you want to share the file with.

6. Tap the AirDrop circle which will send the document. The recipient will receive a notification and the option to accept the AirDrop.


How do you use Air Drop on your Mac?

1. On your Mac you can find AirDrop in the side bar of your FINDER window.

2. Once in AirDrop you should see the device you would like to share a file with. Drag the file into the image and click send.


What do you need to access AirDrop ?


AirDrop works on Apple devices. You will need iOS 7 or later on your iPad4, iPad Mini, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5 or a later device.

On your Mac you will need a Mac released after 2010 running either OS X Lion or OS X Yosemite.


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