RAM Wheelchair Mount

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Designed for use with the seat and leg rails on popular wheelchair brands, this kit includes a small RAM® Tough-Claw clamp base connected to an 18” RAM® Flex-Rod and medium double socket arm. The RAM® Tough-Claw can be clamped to 0.625″ – 1.5″ diameter rails. Attach the included RAM® X-Grip® tablet mount for use with 7”-8” tablets. The spring-loaded RAM® X-Grip® provides a perfect fit for your tablet and can be easily adjusted to the ideal position.

Note that the assembled product may look slightly different.

The individual components are:

–          1x 18″ Flex Rod Tubing (RAP-TUB-C2-18FU)

–          2x Single Socket Octagon Button (RAP-200-1U)

–          2x POD1 Octagon Button (RAP-321U)

–          1x Small Tough-Claw Clamp C-Size (RAP-400U)

–          1x X-Grip III Tablet Cradle (RAM-HOL-UN9U)

–          1x 38mm Ball with Round Base (RAM-202U)

–          1x 18″ Aluminium Flex Rod (RAM-AR50-18U)


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