Simple Mount with Quick Connect

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Move and adjust it yourself. It’s Simple.

If you need a device right in front of your armrest, this can offer a cost-effective solution

  • You can adjust the device or tray postiion–swivel it and tilt it
  • Product includes:
    • Quick Connect Receiver, for device attachment
    • Post (you choose the length)
    • High or low resistance hinge for tilt adjustment

Swivel it!

  • You can swivel it to the best position for you
  • There are no locking positions
  • To keep the device from swiveling, tighten ithe adjustment bolt

Tilt it!

  • Adjust the tilt angle to the best position for you
  • Fold it down when you want it out of your visual field
  • Choose the high or low resistance hinge, based on your needs
  • The tilt does not lock
    • It may not be suitable for heavy devices
    • It depends on the Quick Connect attachment point
    • If you push hard when you activate your device, it may move

Change devices!

  • Change devices easily, without tools
  • Device or tray needs to use the Quick Connect Receiver-style attachment
  • Many speech devices come equipped with a plate or recess that connects easily
  • Our new Quick Connect Plate can be attached to our trays

Attach to Wheelchairs or Tables

  • Use Mount’n Mover’s wheelchair attachment hardware (not included) to attach to a wheelchair
  • Use Mount’n Mover Table Clamp for height-adjustable table access


  • The Quick Connect Receiver (DP-QCR) attaches securely to a wide range of speech devices, via standard plates and molded recesses within speech device cases
  • The QCR is compatible with the Quick Connect Plate, which can be attached to the Mount’n Mover trays
  • Disclaimer: There may be some plates and devices we have not tested which do not work

Release Lever and Catch:

  • The red release lever is spring-loaded
  • It will automatically engage when it reaches the hole or retaining ledge in the device or plate
  • It is difficult to accidentally release, requiring an intentional and specific action to release
  • Lift on the curved surface with a finger or thumb. It takes very little force, making it easy to release

Quick Connect Operation:

  • Align the QCR with the recess (or plate) on the back of the device you are attaching
  • The spring-loaded release lever offers a little resistance, so you need to first push the device (or plate) into the Receiver, and then slip it down into place
  • When it arrives at the mating hole or notch, the catch on the release lever springs into place, positively locking the device in place

Attach to wheelchairs using Mount’n Mover wheelchair attachment hardware

Attach to tables using the Table Clamp

Additional information

Hinge Torque

High, Low

Post length

8, 12, 24, 36


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