Remote Support

Diagnosis and repair of hardware will generally require our technicians to test the equipment, which means they need to be in same location. Either you can bring the computer or other hardware item to us, or we can come out to you on a site visit. But many software issues can be resolved remotely.

Doing support over the phone can be difficult, for us and for you, but we have had great results using remote support. Once you are connected on a remote support session, the technicican can see your screen and can even take control of your mouse and keyboard (with your permission of course) so that they can diagnose and fix the problem quickly. No more frustration having to click on buttons or type in commands under the instruction of a technician.

The best part is that you remain in control. You can end the session at any time, and nobody can access your computer unless you give them permission by typing in the same session code as the technician. It can be used to provide support on almost any type of computer – Mac, Windows or Linux.

If one of our technicians wants to access your computer remotely, and you are happy for them to do this, just enter the session code that they will give you in the box below and then click on the button. They will do the rest.

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