How To Take Screenshots On Mac

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take screenshots on mac

Do you know how to take screenshots on Mac? Like most things on an Apple Mac, taking a screenshot is easy. Screenshots are used to show someone exactly what you can see on the screen at a point in time.

There are a number of ways to capture just what you need, lets explore them…


1. Take Screenshots of the Entire Screen


To take a screenshot of your entire mac screen press command + shift + 3 keys in quick succession.

When taking a screenshot of the entire screen ensure that all relevant information is visible before taking the image.

The image will be saved on your desktop as “screenshot” and will have the date and time attached.


2. Take Screenshots of A Portion of Your Screen


To take a screenshot of a portion of your screen press command + shift + 4.

This option lets you draw a rectangle over the area of the screen that you wish to save as an image.

After pressing the command + shift + 4 keys your cursor arrow will turn into a cross with pixel information.

Position the cross at the corner of the area that you would like to capture. Then click and hold down the mouse. Drag the cross over the portion of screen that you would like to capture. You will notice that as you drag the cross to form a rectangle, that beneath the cross there will be a set of digits. These digits represent the pixel coordinates (one way to measure the size of your image).


3. Take Screenshots of an Open Window


To screenshot an open window press command + shift + 4 + the spacebar key. This shortcut is not often used but it is a handy option that once captured requires little or no modification.

For this screenshot combination to work you need the window element that you would like to capture to be displayed before capturing the image. These window elements can include menus, sheets, the desktop and any open window.


4. Save A Screenshot to Clipboard


To save a screenshot to clipboard instead of the desktop hold down the command key and then use any of the shortcut combinations above.

The clipboard is a temporary storage area and is the same place that the computer saves text that you have copied.

Press command + V to paste the screenshot that you have saved onto the clipboard into either a document or an image that you are working with.


5. Grab Utility Method


If you would prefer not to use keyboard shortcuts then you can use the Grab app that comes with your Mac. To access the Grab app go into your launch pad and then to “other” folder where you will find an icon with a pair of scissors.

The Grab app gives you the ability to perform the same functions as those listed above. There is also the option to set a time delay and take take a screenshot 10 seconds after you have activated the feature.

To access the different features click the ‘capture’ menu and choose between the four different options.


So there you have it, five different ways to take screenshots on Mac.

We’d be interested to know, when it comes to using your Mac do you prefer to use apps or keyboard shortcuts to perform certain functions?

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