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Storm season is coming

Once the days heat up and the Jacarandas are blooming, those of us living in south-east Queensland know that storm season is on its way.

Storms over Brisbane
                   Storms over Brisbane

Storms can wreak all sorts of havoc, not the least of which is with your technology. Here are some tips from us to help you protect your technology and data during storm season.

The main types of damage we see as a result of storms are:

  • components damaged by power surges and
  • devices which have got wet from rain
  1. Back up your data and photos regularly. That way if the worst happens and your computer does get fried, you won’t have lost everything. You can back up to:
    • the cloud such as  iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive.  Most of these have some free storage and fees are applicable for larger amounts of storage.
    • home network storage – such as a Synology device which has the option to synchronise to the Cloud.
    • a portable hard disk drive or Apple Airport Time Capsule.  Store this in a different location to your computer so it is not likely to be damaged by any power surge or water.
  2. Think about purchasing a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) which protects against power surges and provides battery backup during blackouts.
  3. Don’t leave your equipment near a window. This may sound a bit over the top but after the big storm last November, we had a few devices come in which had been near a window and after the window was broken by hail, the devices ended up dented and wet.
  4. Check out whether your insurance policy covers storm damage of electronic devices. Then at least you may be able to get your computer replaced or repaired at your insurer’s expense if it does get damaged.

Our last tip for summer is:

Consider purchasing a solar powered phone charger. If the power goes off and stays off, at least you can charge your phone and keep in touch with the outside world.


Jacaranda season in Brisbane is also storm season
Jacaranda season in Brisbane is also storm season

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