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Ten Top Tips For Mac



1. Talk and listen to your Mac



To save time writing, you can dictate speech to your Mac. Do this is any place your would normally type. A quick short cut to access this tool is to press the Function button twice.



Although this feature is primarily about accessibility it can be a handy tool for anyone. For example, it’s a great tool when proofreading a document. To access this feature highlight the text you want spoken. Go to:

Edit > Speech > Start Dictation

There are options to control the pace and the voice.


2. Screen shot an image


Having issues with your mac and need to show someone a screen grab? Need to quickly copy a conversation into an email? The ability to take a screen shot should definitely be in your arsenal of Mac tools.

Press Command > Shift > 4

This will bring up the screen shot icon. Simply drag the icon across the desired area. The image will save to your desktop.


3. Hide your dock


Is your menu bar in the way? Get rid of the distraction by pressing:

Command > Option > D

Need it back? Simply repeat the steps above once more.


4. Quickly close an application


Too many applications running? A quick way to close them is to the do the following:

Cycle through the applications you have running by pressing Command + Tab

Tab through the applications until you reach the one that you would like to close and press ‘Q’ to quit. Alternatively you can press ‘H’ and this will minimise the application.


5. Use Spotlight search as a calculator


Spotlight is also a calculator. Who knew? Press:

Command > Spacebar

This will launch Spotlight. This allows you to search for documents on your Mac. However you can also type a basic math equation in the search bar for your Mac to solve.


6. Create the Apple logo


To create the Apple icon at the drop of a hat:

Option > Shift + K

 and voilà.


7. Use special characters


Want to know how to create accents on letters like that featured above. Hold down the letter you would like the accent for and then press the associated number. For example you may want to write the word café with the accent. Hold down the letter ‘e’ and press 2. A menu bar with the options will be featured above.


8. Bring up emojis


The emoji craze shows no sign of slowing down. To jump on the bandwagon and access them quickly on your Mac press:

Command > Control > Space


9. Quickly trash a document


Instead of dragging documents into the trash a quick way to get rid of your documents is to press:

Command + Delete


10. Delete text from the right


To forward delete press:

Fn > delete


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